Dealing with an Injured Disc in Charlotte NC?

Chiropractor Charlotte NC Logan Hiers Disc Injury

Have you been diagnosed with a disc injury or a slipped disc in Charlotte NC? The severity of a disc injury can depend heavily on the circumstances surrounding how it was sustained. Discs serve as cushions that space your vertebrae and allow the spine to move. There are discs in between each one of your vertebrae and they are important in maintaining your flexibility and nerve function. If these discs were absent, the movement would be impossible.

Disc Injury Charlotte NC

If there is a slipped disc in your back, then the cushiony substance inside your disc has leaked partially out from underneath the vertebrae. This condition often results in the inflammation of the surrounding nerves and severe pain. A more serious condition is when the disc becomes herniated. A herniated disc results in the internal fluid of the disc being pushed out even more so. This results in even more pain and at times, partial paralysis of the nerves in the area.

Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapy is a safe and effective treatment option for dealing with disc injuries. Decompression therapy helps to increase the spacing between the vertebrae, providing more space for the disc to be in its natural place. Decompressing the spine results in less inflammation and less irritation to the nerves.

If you want to recover from your disc injury, trust Hiers Chiropractic in Charlotte NC to get you back on the road to feeling pain-free. Contact us today if you have any questions and be sure to take advantage of our new patient special.

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